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frequently asked questions

What age restrictions apply when hiring a Rolo vehicle?

The minimum age to hire is 21. Drivers 21 – 24 are restricted to drive only certain vehicle types and will incur a daily age surcharge. Drivers 21 – 24 are not permitted to drive 8, 12 or 25 seat minibuses or 3 tonne pantec trucks.

Airport Service? Is the Rolo car at the Airport when an Airport location is requested?

Yes it is. As Rolo is Airport licensed at most airport locations, your Rolo vehicle is conveniently located at the airport on arrival, and simply returned direct to the airport on return of the vehicle to the designated Rolo car park area. Where Rolo provides direct Airport service, an “Airport Surcharge” fee will apply. This fee covers airport stationing costs.

Do I require a Credit Card to hire a car?

Yes you must provide a valid credit card in the main hirers name to hire a Rolo vehicle. The credit card provider must also present his/her drivers license for adequate identification. This is a policy stipulated by our insurance company to ensure that the hirer has a credit reference.

Who can drive the car and extra drivers?

You cannot drive unless your name is presented on the vehicle rental agreement, or you have advised Rolo that an additional driver needs to be added to the rental agreement.

Can I remove the seats from a Rolo vehicle?

No you are not permitted to remove seats from a minibus or any other Rolo hire vehicle.

Can I tow with a Rolo vehicle?

Rolo Minibuses and Buses are permitted to only tow a Rolo luggage trailer.

What are Rolo’s Rental Terms and Conditions?

Click here for a full copy of Rolo’s Rental Terms and Conditions.

Where can I travel in a Rolo vehicle?

You are permitted to drive on all gazetted sealed roads within our Rental Terms and Conditions. If you are driving further than 1000km from your collection depot you are required to notify Rolo in advance to ensure your destination is covered by our rental agreement.

Do I need a special license to drive Minibuses or Commercial Vehicles?

Our 12 seater minibuses and all commercial vehicles, including our 3 Tonne trucks are driveable with a standard open car license. 25 Seaters require the driver to hold a Light Ridged or MR license.

Method of Payment.

Rolo accepts all major credit cards. Visa, Matercard, Amex*, Diners*, Bankcard, JCB, EFTPOS and cash are accepted. Amex and Diners incur a 3.85% surcharge. An amount of $250 for cars, vans or utes and $350 for 12, 25 seaters and 3 tonne trucks will be required to be pre-authorised as a security bond on the primary hirers credit card.

How many Kilometres per day am I permitted?

Unless otherwise nominated, your kilometre allowance is an average of 200km per day. I.e. on a 7 day rental your allowance is 1400km total. Generally enough for the most ambitious traveller. Extra kilometres are charged at 25c/km thereafter for cars, vans, utes, 8 and 12 Seat Minibuses, and 33c/km there after for 3tonne trucks and 25 Seat Buses.

If you are traveling further than 1000km from your collection depot you are required to notify Rolo prior to your collection date your travel destination. This will ensure that your vehicle is carefully prepared for this longer than usual journey.

As a guide - Brisbane - Gold Coast = 80km. Brisbane - Sunshine Coast = 100km. Brisbane - Sydney = 990km. Sydney - Coffs Harbour = 490km. Sydney - Melbourne = 1100km

Am I covered in the event of breakdown or the vehicle becomes disabled?

All Rolo vehicles are covered by 24 hour emergency roadside assistance throughout Queensland and NSW. The service is state regulated and provides the most comprehensive service available in Australia

As explained by our representative when you collect your car, and printed on the rental agreement, the telephone number to call for roadside service is 1800 648 058 and your specific member service number will be 00 1494 2486.

In the event of breakdown or incident, you will have prompt assistance. You must always have your copy of the rental contract with you for this service to be available to you.

This service is free of charge for mechanical faults, however a fee is payable ($66.00AUD) in the event of non mechanical fault service requests i.e. driver error issues - such as keys locked in car, a flat battery due to headlights left on or running out of petrol.

How is additional time charged?

At Rolo all rentals are based on 24 hour rental periods and we provide an additional 59 minutes free of charge. After this 59 period you are charged 1/4 the daily rate per hour up to 4 hours at which time a full day is payable. Additional items purchased such as Collision Damage Waiver, Total Protection Package, Windscreen, Headlight and Tyre Waiver and luggage trailers or other options are fully charged after the 59 minute period free has been exceeded.

If you agree with Rolo to return a vehicle at a pre determined time, which will be listed on your contract, you will be required to return the vehicle by that time. This ensures that no extra charges will be payable and another customer who has booked in your vehicle will be assured that their reserved vehicle will be ready for them upon arrival. If you wish to extend your rental you may only do so by calling your return location and ensuring that that an extension of the time you require is ok. This also applies to your 59 minute free period.

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